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Are you sick of being in pain? Is it the sort of pain you wake up with or does it mostly only hurt when you move or exercise? Pain can drag you down and make you feel depressed and worried about spending yet another day in agony. Maybe you’re just tired of the whole experience… with doctors saying that you’ll just ‘have to live with it’.
You don’t have to live with it...
You can be pain free!
Our Natural Therapies clinic specialises in “Rapid Pain Relief” using a range of advanced, effective, drug-free methods.

As well as our flagship, state-of-the-art Microcurrent Technology we also offer specialised Kinesiology treatments for structural alignment, Remedial Massage, private Far-Infrared Saunas, a range of effective natural supplements and medicines, dietary advice, emotional support and a whole lot more...

No matter what type of pain you suffer from, we have a treatment option to suit you. You don’t have to live in pain and there is an alternative to those dangerous drugs that just hide the pain and cause other long-term damage to your system.

Contact us now to find out the best treatment for you and begin the first day of your new pain-free life!
Q & A
Can you help with my kind of pain?

We’ve been treating pain for many years and we understand there are many types of pain with many causes. A short list of just some of the types of pain we specialise in are:
  • Sciatica & hip pain
  • Jaw, neck pain and headaches
  • Fibromyalgia & muscle pain
  • Period pains & endometriosis support
  • Sports injuries—we heal them faster!
  • Joint pain—arthritis & gout...
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What types of treatments do you have to offer?

Different types of pain respond better to different types of treatments. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one or more of the following treatments:
  • Cellular regeneration from our Microcurrent machine to remove inflammation from ligaments, joints, muscles, spinal cord, etc.
  • Kinesiology treatments which deal with structure—hip and joint pain, scoliosis, dural stress (spinal cord), whiplashes.
  • Remedial Massages & stress-releasing Saunas.
  • High potency Nutritional Supplements for inflammation and pain relief.
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How quickly can I expect to see results?

Our Microcurrent programmes start with a minimum of three sessions but it is not uncommon for our clients to find significant relief after the first session. Simply put—it depends on how much you do! Clients who deal with the underlying causes and take supplements to reduce inflammation get the best short and long-term results.

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Why should I choose New Leaf Natural Therapies to treat my pain?

  • We know we can help you. Our practitioners have over 60 years of experience between them, and have treated a wide range of pain problems.
  • Our treatments are natural, non-invasive and have NO nasty side-effects like pain-relieving drugs.
  • We deal with the cause of the problem, rather than hiding the symptoms and masking pain.
  • We have advanced Microcurrent technology (U.S. trained practitioners) for dealing with deep-seated issues.