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Are you worried about your child? Thinking that their future may be in jeopardy? Are you waiting for the next phone call from the school letting you know of yet another problem? Do you find their mood and behaviour have no reasonable explanation?

Have you spent many thousands of dollars on tutors, speech therapists, coaches, occupational therapists, paediatricians and tests, and still, your child has that elusive problem that no-one can help... Are you trying to avoid Ritalin and dexamphetamines but haven’t found valid alternatives... or maybe your children are already on these drugs and you’re hoping for a way to finally getting them off them before they develop long-term side effects?

Well, look no further! We have a unique, all natural programme which covers a wide range of issues — you will know at the end of 2 sessions exactly what is going on with your child and will see a huge difference by the end of the programme. Our practitioners have been dealing with learning problems and behavioural issues for many years... with fantastic results!

If you are worried about your child, don’t wait any longer... make the decision now to invest your time and money in this fantastic programme. We hope to hear from you soon.

Q & A
What are the causes behind Learning Difficulties?

There are many causes for the brain to become muddled. Toxins such as mercury from lighting and aluminium from vaccinations may build up in the brain. Primitive reflexes may get ‘jammed’ stopping the brain from developing normally. Nutritional deficiencies, allergies and structural problems (such as scoliosis, cranial injuries etc.) also stop the brain from working as well as it should.
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How do you treat Learning Difficulties?

  • We use L.E.A.P. Kinesiology techniques to integrate the brain, N.O.T. Kinesiology for structural issues and Counselling Kinesiology for the emotional baggage that builds up in kids who have learning problems.
  • We use special testing procedures to find out nutritional deficiencies and prescribe accordingly.
  • We use N.O.T. Immune Challenging allergy techniques to find and heal the body from allergic responses.
  • We test Primitive Reflexes (such as the Moro) and give exercises to rid the body of stress-causing reflexes.
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How long does it take to see results?

Most parents find results within a couple of treatments. It depends how ‘messed up’ the brain is as to how many treatments a child needs. The entire LEAP Programme is 16 treatments.
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What treatment options do I have for Learning Problems at New Leaf Natural Therapies?

We have a number of programmes at varying levels of intensity for you to choose from, depending on how committed you are to achieving results quickly.

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Why should I choose New Leaf Natural Therapies to help with Learning Difficulties?

  • Our treatments are natural, non-invasive and have NO nasty side-effects like Ritalin and Dexamphetamines;
  • We deal with the cause of the problem rather than bury it with drugs.
  • We have unique testing equipment and kinesiology techniques to monitor your progress and focus attention on problem areas when needed.
  • New Leaf Natural Therapies is the most comprehensive natural healthcare clinic in the Bayside area, so we can go beyond your learning problems and deal with any and all health problems your family may have–in fact, that’s our ultimate goal for you!