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Fat Loss
Lose weight the RIGHT way.

Aren’t you tired of trying to lose weight? You’ve given every possible diet a go, and you’re sick of feeling hungry all the time? Take a look around you and you’ll see you’re not the only one. Friends and family, even kids, struggling with the battle of the bulge.

Would you like to be 2, 5, 10, 30 kilos lighter? Fit into some smaller clothes, nicer jeans, groovier boots (men too)? Do you feel guilty when you ask the doctor (or your friends) for help, knowing that he thinks you just eat too much and have no self control?

Bio4Balance is New Leaf Natural Therapies’ unique and exclusive 4-Part System for weight loss through advanced body composition balancing.

Unlike many of the popular, "big name" weight loss schemes which simply focus on getting the numbers to go down on the scales at any cost (usually by causing your body to burn muscle tissue instead of fat) our advanced, all-natural system takes your whole body composition into account so you lose fat safely and healthily.

If you’re overweight, losing fat is important but maintaining (or even building) muscle mass is just as vital. Intra- and extra-cellular fluid can also play a major role in your success as do a number of fundamental hormones that must also be treated to achieve a truly healthy, balanced body.

Don’t just measure your progress by standing on the scales... the numbers are meaningless unless you know how your body has changed biologically. On the wrong diet, you could be doing more harm than good! Join our scientifically-proven programme now and lose weight the RIGHT way -- by balancing your levels of fat, muscle, cellular fluid and hormones.

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"I'm very pleased with my progress... I've lost 5 kilos and kept it off... This is the first time I haven't been sick in 8 years!"

"I felt I could have ended up in a wheelchair had I not done something about my weight. Thanks Madonna and the Team."
Q & A
Why “Fat” Loss instead of “Weight” Loss?

Weight loss is not the same as fat loss! Many popular diets are misleading because they actually cause you to lose muscle along with fat… that’s not good! At our clinic, we use proven, naturally healthy methods that focus on losing fat while maintaining (or even building) muscle mass!
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How much fat can I expect to lose and how quickly?

Our system has the potential to lose up to 2 kilos of fat and excess cellular fluid per week if followed diligently. In practice, a kilo is about average for our clients and is a more realistic goal. However to a large extent the ball is in your court!
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What does your fat loss programme involve?

  • An initial ‘fat loss bundle’ of tests, which lets us know important information about how challenging the programme will be for you and for setting your goals!
  • Education sessions so that you understand the ins and outs of fat loss and long term maintenance.
  • Naturopathic supplements to support any health challenges we may find that will hinder your efforts.
  • At home tests to ensure fat-loss daily.
  • Weekly or fortnightly cellular analysis tests to monitor progress and assess areas which require special attention.
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What treatment options do I have for fat loss at New Leaf Natural Therapies?

  • One-on-one programmes (as described above).
  • Advanced Fat Loss Programmes that include special treatments and products to boost your results!
  • A Fat Loss Club run several times per year where you can enjoy your fat-loss treatments in a supportive group setting.
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Why should I choose New Leaf Natural Therapies to help me lose weight?

  • Our treatments are natural, non-invasive and have NO nasty side-effects like weight loss drugs and high carb, low-cal diets.
  • We deal with the cause of the weight issues, rather than just doing ‘anything’ to get rid of weight (muscle wastage etc).
  • We have unique testing equipment and techniques to monitor your progress and focus attention on problem areas when needed.